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Picture shows an apartment for sale

Home — 2021

Illustrations, colors og materials or 69 apartments and city houses.

Ørseng Interior architecture carefully curated the colors, materials and interiors for the homes of Fagerlia in Fredrikstad.

The 3D drawings were made by EVE images from our description and guidance. The real-estate company Stavlund also assisted with their knowledge in identifying the costumer group.

The material collage represented the colors and materials the costumer could choose from when buying an apartment. This shows the many possible style directions they could make, and still keeping within the budget of the project.


Fagerliveien Utvikling AS

  • SG&CO Arkitekter AS
  • EVE Images
  • Stavlund Eiendomsmegler
  • Vy Communication AS

3D EVE Images og Espen Gees